All our plates are elaborated in an artisan way with ingredients selected between those of best quality that offers us the domestic market.

Probably our specialty (which makes us different from the rest) is the level of excellence achieved in our Baby Lamb and Sucking-pig roasts and our red meats of ox. All this is possible thanks to the heat of the oak wood that suppliers of the area provide to us.

Special mention also to our great desserts elaborated by our chefs in our facilities.

We also bet for a good selection of wines. Some good Liquor and Pacharán on the table, as invitation from the house at the end of the service.

We also have menus for groups or other type of celebration and events (business meetings, familiar, etc…) These especial menus are for groups of at least 20 persons. (View menu for groups.). These type of menus require from early reservation.

WINE STUDY: In El Asador del Rey we offer the possibility of a recreational activity and to complete your evening dining.
SPECIAL MENUS FOR GROUPS on request for at least 20 people.

Private rooms are available upon request.

  • Grilled Goat Cheese with caramelized Onion And Tomato Jam
  • Artisan Manchego Cheese
  • Roast Peppers (firewood) with Tuna
  • Roast Peppers (firewood) with Roast Almonds and Anchovies
  • Grilled Octopus with extra virgin olive oil
  • Scrambled Eggs with Blood Onion Sausage and Pine kernels
  • Cooked Artisan Sausage “Chistorra” from Navarra
  • Bellota Iberian cured Ham (5 jotas hand knife cutted)
  • Home-made “Croquetas“of “Morcilla”
  • Home-made “Croquetas“of Cabrales Cheese
  • Home-made “Croquetas“of Foie
  • Boletus with Herbs and Iberian Ham
  • Wild Mushrooms timbale with garlic Prawns
  • Artichokes with Smoked Veal
  • Baby Beans with Iberian Ham
  • Smoked Cod over Raff Tomato salad
  • Lettuce, Onion and Tomato Salad
  • Salad with Goat Cheese
  • Castilian Soup
  • Soup with Special Beans from La Granja with Pork
  • Bread cooked in firewood oven (portion)
Main courses
  • Roast Baby Lamb cooked in firewood oven (quarter=2 persons)
  • Roast Baby Lamb cooked in firewood oven (portion)
  • Roast Baby Pork cooked in firewood oven (portion)
  • Grilled Baby Lamb Chops
  • Charcoal Grilled thick Steak (420-450 gr)
  • Charcoal Grilled thick T-Bone Steak (1-1,2 kg – 2 persons)
  • Charcoal Grilled Tenderloin
  • Cod with Tomato and Picual Olive Oil
Homemade Desserts
  • Cheese Cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • “San Lorenzo” original Cake
  • Caramel thick Custard
  • Royal Curd with Honey from the Herrería Forest
  • Royal Rice pudding
  • Artisan ice-creams
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Cold Shake with Cava and Lemonade
  • Cold Shake with Pear and Cider
  • Cold Shake with Tangerine and Vozca
  • Cold Shake with Gintonic
  • Cooked Figs with wine and Mascarpone Cheese ice-cream
  • Sweet Wine Pedro Ximenez – Lustau


D.O. Rioja
  • “Marqués de Arienzo” Tinto Crianza 3⁄8
  • “Coto” Tinto Crianza 500cc
  • “Campillo” Tinto Crianza 500cc
  • “Marqués de Arienzo” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
  • “Marqués de Cáceres” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4/
  • “Azpilicueta” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
  • “Marqués de Riscal” Tinto Reserva 3⁄4
  • “Marqués de Murrieta” Tinto Reserva 3⁄4
D.O. Ribera del Duero
  • “Señorío de Nava” Tinto Joven 3⁄8
  • “Viña Mayor” Tinto Roble 3⁄8
  • “Torremoron” Tinto Roble 3⁄4
  • “Fuentespina” Tinto Roble 3⁄4
  • “Pinna Fidelis” Tinto Roble 3⁄4
  • “Valdecuriel” Tinto Roble 3⁄4
  • “Señorío de Nava” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
  • “Protos” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
  • “Dehesa de los Canónigos” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
  • “Pago de Carraovejas” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
  • “Valbuena 5a” Tinto Reserva 3⁄4
D.O. Tierra de León
  • “Valjunco” Rosado 3⁄4
D.O. Rueda
  • “Montespina” Verdejo Blanco 3⁄4
D.O. Vinos de Madrid
  • ”Tagonius” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
  • ”Dos de Mayo” Tinto Crianza 3⁄4
Wines fron the Land of Castille
  • ”Pago del Vicario” Rose 3⁄4